Camouflage Painting Techniques for Vehicles?

Answer Painting a camouflage scene or pattern on your vehicle can help hide it in the woods or other areas while hunting. Camouflage can also hide dirt and grime on your vehicle, extending the time betwee... Read More »

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Natural Camouflage Techniques?

There are many examples of camouflage in nature. Several species of fish have camouflaging abilities. These camouflaging techniques help protect animals from predators, or it may help them hunt pre... Read More »

Police Techniques for Fleeing Vehicles?

Pursuing a fleeing vehicle is one of the most dangerous aspects of a police officer's job. High speeds and reckless behavior on the part of a suspect can lead to injury and death of the suspect, of... Read More »

Oil Painting Techniques: Painting the Sky?

Landscapes and seascapes are favorite subjects for many artists, both amateurs and professionals alike. One of the biggest challenges in many landscapes is reproducing the atmospheric effects of th... Read More »

Car Painting Techniques?

The car painting technique you use depends specifically on what application it's for. Some techniques are better suited for painting specific parts of the car, but there are also methods to paint t... Read More »