Camo Paint Instructions?

Answer Camo paint is created by layering three to four shades of paint onto a surface to help the object blend into a natural environment. This paint effect can be applied to vehicles, furniture or nearly... Read More »

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Camo Face Paint Instructions?

Camo, or camouflage, face paint is used in the military as well as by hunters to disguise faces, hands, neck and ears to help the wearer blend into the surrounding environment. Camo face paint is a... Read More »

How to Paint Camo on a Car?

Painting camo on a car can result in an easier-to-clean surface since the camo will hide dirt and dust buildup. The camo paint scheme will also hide any imperfections, including small dings and den... Read More »

How to Camo Paint?

Camouflage is a highly effective means of blending in with the natural surroundings. It is used by military personnel, law enforcement, hunters and those playing games such as airsoft or paintball.... Read More »

How to Camo Paint an AR 15?

First produced in the 1950's by Eugene Stoner, the AR-15 has gained popularity in both military and civilian applications. The weapon is known for its lightweight design, accurate firing, and relia... Read More »