Cameras: How many good shots have you missed because your camera wasn't set up?

Answer i have 4 sets of charged batteries~an 8 GB card +spare cardsthe camera is always left ready to shoot.but unlike some advice given ~Sod's law ~states if your card holds 2000 photos the 2001st shot w... Read More »

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Is Kodak and Canon cameras better than Samsung because they have been making cameras longer?

for a beginnerI suggest the samsung s85 or s630

How many shots can you take using a D90 camera?

Is the gopro hero camera the best camera for its price or are there competitors that have better cameras?

There are many cameras that do similar things that the GoPro line can do, however, the GoPro is unique in one very important respect. It comes with an almost indestructible, waterproof housing that... Read More »

Diabetics only: How many shots/pills/finger pricks have you taken in your life of being diabetic?

I've been type one for twenty five years now and i've done aproximately 45,625 shots with aproximately 54,750 blood tests over that time. The phrase "human pin cushion" comes to mind. trying now... Read More »