Camera won't connect to my computer.?

Answer Make sure you install the software program that came with the camera. Kodak states: Install EasyShare software before connecting the camera to the computer. Failure to do so may cause the software ... Read More »

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Why wont my digital camera connect to my computer?

You will have to install the software which came with the camera. Once you have done that the two can communicate, otherwise the computer won't know what to look for..

Why wont my camera connect to my computer or laptop?

My Camera Wont Connect Anymore. WHY!?

So yeah I have this problem too!! I have a Cannon and it does this to me. At first I used to be able to connect it with the USB right up to the computer and it'd do it's thing. I tried it again a... Read More »

My monitor wont connect to my computer?

What computer? What OS? What monitor? What video system? What settings? What cable connection?