Camera woes (please help!)...?

Answer There should be software that came with the camera. If there is not try plugging in a USB cable from the camera to the Computer.

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Is there a camera that can be a camera and a webcam please help!!?

Most movie cameras and digital cameras these days can be set up as a webcam.Go to 'The Good Guys', they can help you out.

Nikon camera microphone help PLEASE HELP!?

I've got a Nikon D7000 and I got an Olympus ME-52W noise cancelling microphone which worked very well. It's less than $20 at Amazon. It plugs directly into the camera. It also plugs into my compu... Read More »

Which is a better camera sony cyber-shot dscw270b or canon powershot a480 s digital camera I'm Taking A College Photography Course And Have Narrowed Down My Options To these Two Cameras. Please Help?

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Please help! camera problems!?

Your camera should have come with a disc you can put in the computer - it has software that you download. After that, you should be able to connect your camera and computer with the usb cableÂ... Read More »