Camera vs Mirror: Accuracy!?

Answer Overall, I'd say the mirror is more accurate. When you take a picture of yourself with a wide-angle lens, you can make yourself look like this:… which is ... Read More »

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Mirror vs Camera what to believe?

You have a good quality mirror located under good lighting conditions while you have poor photography skills and probably a not so good camera. Believe on what you want. What matters most is what's... Read More »

What does a mirror do in a digital camera?

The camera lens reflects off what the lens is pointed at so that you can see it through the screen on your camera.

Which camera DSLR or Mirror less?

"Just wait."That's not me speaking, but your future mirrorless camera asking you to wait as the shutter lag captures the moment after, and not the moment. There's a reason photojournalists and spo... Read More »

Which is more reliable; Mirror or Camera?

First to clear the wrong concept - Mirror doesn't reverse the image. If it did you'll be seeing yourself upside down. It's just that you are seeing yourself from the front and so it 'appears' rever... Read More »