Camera stuck,any ideas on how to resolve this problem?

Answer sounds like a mechanical failure.You could try "helping" the lens move (the more force you use, the better the chances are you will FIX or BREAK it, for sure)If the camera is a total loss anyway, t... Read More »

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What would be YOUR plan to resolve the health care problem in the U.S.?

Free market is the answer. A majority of US health care is paid for by government (it is slightly over 50%) versus being paid for by private sources. But there are other things to consider. Fede... Read More »

What do I do to resolve my tablet problem (bamboo wacom)?

Are you using the CD that came with the tablet? The CD may be defective, or the wrong version for Windows, Vista vs. XP.If so, go to Wacom's website and download the latest drivers and software.If... Read More »

How to Use Problem Solving to Resolve Behavior Problems?

Problem solving involves changing an existing difficult situation into a more desired situation or outcome. There are many models of problem solving, but the chief components are identifying a prob... Read More »

Facebook – my friend can't view my profile: how can I resolve this problem?

Perhaps its a temporary fault with facebook.I have experienced this before and after a few hours or maybe a day it was sorted. I couldnt see my friends profile , it looked asif it had been deleted ... Read More »