Camera sticky mirror problem?

Answer If you're in the U.S. then I suggest sending your camera to Garry's Camera Repair - For $45 + $8 shipping he'll have your camera in like-new condition. That includes Cle... Read More »

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How do you take out the sticky residue a price tag leaves on a mirror?

The best way is to get some scotch tape and put it on and pull it off over and over again. Each time, some of the sticky comes off on the tape. Or you can just buy some "Goo Be Gone".

I have a hcl notebook pc. & my problem is, my pc camera doesn't work . I lost my camera driver. Plz say me , w?

Hi Satya, ya go to & Google type your Laptop model driver & download and install it...

New canon PRO1 digital camera the camera is showing a raw error on the LCD monitor what is the problem?

Samsung galaxy camera ek gc100 camera failed problem?

So how old is the camera? If it's out of warranty no. If it's still in warranty contact Samsung.