Camera questions!!!!?

Answer A Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera with 6mp will blow away a compact digicam with 10mp. There are two main reasons for this:1) Sensor size. An average DSLR will have a sensor that measures ... Read More »

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I have some questions about this camera?

although I don't know the brands , sony is a good make , 8.1 mega pix will give you very good resolution . I've been using a 3.2 mega pix for the past several years and have been happy with it , a... Read More »

2 questions about a new camera i bought?

1) It won't matter as long as they are the correct size.2) It is better to recharge batteries from flat as somehow they have senses that remember how much charge they require and the next time they... Read More »

Camera Questions- shopping...?

The best price on a 24-12mm kens was $670.…Now, all you have to do is find a $30 Nikon SLR to put it on.

Questions about the disposable camera?

A simple search on the history of the camera will show you a century of cameras before the disposable one. Another search for how does a camera work gets the second and third question.