Camera question need help?

Answer The amount of megapixels is but one thing to consider. The size of the sensor is another. The lens is yet another.Clever marketing has led many to believe "the more megapixels the better." This is ... Read More »

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Camera question hello?

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Camera question?

Its not your camera!! You need to convert and or compress your video file. Try See if that helps.

Camera question :)?

Shay,You seem to be in the same boat as "Joyce"... You are in the camcorder forum.Any camcorder can capture useful video if the camcorder is used within its design parameters. The problem is that t... Read More »

Camera question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…?

If the camera requires AA batteries, then that is what you must use. Buying just regular batteries can get very expensive because they really don't have enough power to last in a camera. I have a... Read More »