Camera owners: do you still keep up with camera technology and newer models?

Answer my lights are 20 years old, my full frame is 3 years old, my apsc are 4-5 years old, my friends large format is 30+ years old, my rb's are 15+ years old, in short not really, the gear side of it t... Read More »

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Do you still keep your old photographic camera with film or you threw it away?

Not only do I still display approximately 40 working film cameras in my living room, I also keep many parts cameras and lenses and do some basic repair myself or send cameras I use regularly out fo... Read More »

I have a camera olympus camera and i put new batteries in it and the camera still doesnt comes on. Why?

if you put new batteries in it and it still doesnt work it might have a manufactures defect...i would call the 800 number and see what type of warranty the product has...hope this helps

I am planning to get a ditigal camera and a video camera for my b-day, what are some really good models/brands?

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5.It records HD movies and 9 megapixel camera shots.It has a really good optical zoom of 10x.

I wanna buy a camera. I cant decide wheather to buy a digital still camera or handycam.?

If priority is taking still----go for digital camera. Video quality not that good.If priority is Video----Go for handicam. Still quality is not that good.Digital camera is more handy & it is more ... Read More »