Camera features. what do they mean?

Answer Sensor determines resolution. Here, its 16.2 mp. Means the image has a resolution or area of 16.2 Million pixels (pretty darn good) But remember, the resolution doesn't directly determine the quali... Read More »

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I'm thinking of getting a new camera, i've been told to get an SLR camera, what do they mean?

SLR means Single Lens Reflex. These contain a mirror, which lets one see through the main lens exactly what the lens sees. When the picture is being taken, the mirror flips up out of the way so t... Read More »

What features did they add for the iPad 2?

The ipad 2 contains two cameras and HD video recording. It is a thinner, more sophisticated design and contains a dual-core A5 chip. Overall, the ipad 2 dominates the ipad 1 in every way.

What are the main features of a digital camera?

What features did the first camera have?

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