Camera error when shooting a sunset?

Answer I believe this is sensor bloom rather than a problem with the lens. It's a function of cameras that have a CCD sensor, such as your Nikon D50. Canon's SLRs use a different sensor design, CMOS, whic... Read More »

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How do I reduce LCD camera glare when shooting pictures outside during midday?

There's not much you can do about it. There are special hoods available for DSLR LCDs but they may not fit your camera however do see if you can find one to suit your camera somehow. Another option... Read More »

What is the digital camera that will only show one color when shooting in black and white?

Is it this effect that you mean?An instanceThis is "CANON Digital IXUS 110 IS" manual.…[Changing the Color and Shooting] : page 88 ~ 90*Color AccentYou can... Read More »

How do i fix my E-500 Olympus camera, when it says card error?

if the camera has been sitting unused for a while you may want to take the card out and blow into the compartment to free any kind of dust or debris, good luck.

When I turn on my canon G10 it always appears lens error message and restart camera?

Well... The one thing to consider is a lens error. Without much to work on your only choice really is to bring it to Canon's service center.