Camellia Japonica Styles?

Answer Camellia japonica is a broadleaved Asian evergreen cultivated for its colorful flowers in a variety of styles. Wild camellia flowers are single. Years of intensive breeding have produced the flower... Read More »

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How do I prune a camellia japonica?

Prune for HealthPromote healthy growth of the camellia japonica plant by removing any branches that have died or show signs of disease. Light annual pruning should be done after the camellia flower... Read More »

What does the Camellia japonica symbolize?

Camellias have a rich history of symbolism dating back to 1200 B.C., when they were used in Korean weddings. Red blossoms symbolize intrinsic worth, while the white variety often represents lovelin... Read More »

How do I plant camellia japonica in a container?

Prepare the PotChoose a pot with bottom drainage holes that is at least 10 gallons, as camellia japonica can grow to be upward of 10 feet. Fill the pot with half quick-draining potting soil and hal... Read More »

The Characteristics of Camellia Japonica Varieties?

The camellia originally hails from temperate and subtropical Southeastern Asia; it arrived in South Carolina in 1786. Camellia japonica grows at a slower rate than other camellias and blooms from N... Read More »