Camcorder vs digital camera?

Answer A digital camera will take better pictures, but a camcorder will usually take better video.

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Do camcorders take digital still photos Want either digital camera or camcorder What should I go with?

Digital cameras and Camcorders does their best in their own environment. You can meet halfway but be prepared to make some sacrifice. If you shoot lots of videos, choose a camcorder, as it will s... Read More »

Digital Camera or Camcorder?

Digital Camera Vs. Camcorder?

While digital cameras and camcorders are two entirely different consumer devices, the line separating the two has started to get blurry. Whereas once you would buy a camcorder for video and a camer... Read More »

Which is better to buy camcorder or digital camera?

A digital camera is better, because on 99.99% of digital cameras also have excellent cam-corders whereas a cam-corder is usually just a cam-corder and is only occasionly a camera aswell! Plus when ... Read More »