Camcorder quality question?

Answer 1080p/i has nothing to do with the quality its just the resolution (size of the video dimensions) Basically the more you pay the better the components are, such as the size of the sensor, to captur... Read More »

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Is the "JVC GR-D770 MiniDV Digital Camcorder" a quality camcorder thank you?

It is an OK camcorder.I would suggest staying with Sony or Canon, though...Sony HDR-HC96Canon ZR800, ZR950

Decent Camcorder Quality!?

Here's a list of current camcorders and their review ratings:, a larger image sensor size would result in higher video quality.

Which camcorder has the highest quality? are super professional high standard.

Can you help me pick out a quality camcorder?

Hi, well I have a few suggestions, I recently researched this also, I decided on the Panasonic PV GS300, I have also heard the Panasonic PV GS500 is very good, however I wanted a more compact camco... Read More »