Camcorder problem with the memory card?

Answer Try to recover lost data..File Recovery…

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How do I record movies on a camcorder with a memory card?

While I'm not familiar with your exact camera (I think Hitachi calls everything "Ultravision"), I don't believe you can actually record video to a memory card (unless the camera doesn't accept a ta... Read More »

Are there any disadvantages with going with a camcorder that records directly to an SD memory card?

The First Disadvantage is price. SD and SDHC memory cards can cost $50 or more for an 8gb and larger card depending on where you purchase them. The SDHC card is based on the same technology as SD... Read More »

My memory card problem

first u scan with a antivirusthen u must format the card in cmd mode u can follow the below steps first go to cmd promtthen type the the drive letter and then type format eg( format f: )then press... Read More »

Memory card problem.please help me?

Try formatting the memory card in the Nokia C5 itself, my friend.