Camcorder problem with the memory card?

Answer Try to recover lost data..File Recovery…

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How do I record movies on a camcorder with a memory card?

While I'm not familiar with your exact camera (I think Hitachi calls everything "Ultravision"), I don't believe you can actually record video to a memory card (unless the camera doesn't accept a ta... Read More »

Are there any disadvantages with going with a camcorder that records directly to an SD memory card?

The First Disadvantage is price. SD and SDHC memory cards can cost $50 or more for an 8gb and larger card depending on where you purchase them. The SDHC card is based on the same technology as SD... Read More »

Problem with memory card?

What kind of Card reader is it? Is it SD? If it is, you don't need a reader, try inserting it into the built in memory card slot of your laptop. I guess your reader contains issues that needs taken... Read More »

I have problem with my 4gb memory card help me?

Is it an SD card? If so it may be locked, check the side of the SD card to see if the slider is on lock.