Camcorder please help?

Answer By default, the computer reads your camcorder defaulty internal memory .. if it has one.Check if you have to designated the SD for the computer to read which memory storageit needs to recognize. An... Read More »

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Please help me to buy a camcorder with these facilities..please?

You would get a better answer in the camcorder category. The Panasonic HC-V700 does all you ask but only 60fps max and is only about $450.

Need help finding a good camcorder help please?

Canon ZR930 - $350. Stay away from consumer level HD cameras as they take terrible video when things are in front of the camera moving, which is the very thing you are going to be video-graphing.... Read More »

Please help me find a camcorder?

Best Buy is probably your best buy. Wait until Friday (Black Friday) if you don't mind the wait and get it cheap.

Camcorder issue PLEASE HELP!!!!?

I had this same problem, you need to extract the video with a video editor and i think plextor makes them. your camcorder plugs into the device and the device goes to your laptop they are relitivel... Read More »