Camcorder issue PLEASE HELP!!!!?

Answer I had this same problem, you need to extract the video with a video editor and i think plextor makes them. your camcorder plugs into the device and the device goes to your laptop they are relitivel... Read More »

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Please help me to buy a camcorder with these facilities..please?

You would get a better answer in the camcorder category. The Panasonic HC-V700 does all you ask but only 60fps max and is only about $450.

Ubuntu issue!! please help!!?

try to copy as root. if it still says it is read only then probably you memory card is write protected.

Help me with a torrenting issue please!!!?

This is your first offense with ur isp. Nothing, i repeat NOTHING will happen as of right now. They like to send out the first of 6 warning emails. The first 5 are just to let u know u are about to... Read More »

Please help me with a YouTube issue?

Matching third party content is fine.Your video can stay up.It just prevents you from monetizing it.Only if you get an email saying there's a Copyright Strike, does that mean that the video has a p... Read More »