Camcorder Question ?

Answer Windows Movie Maker is actually designed for any camcorder you can attach with Firewire. This includes the Digital8, miniDV, and HDV models. WMM will capture vide directly from Digital8 and miniDV ... Read More »

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Question about a camcorder...?

Hi don't worry much abt support to transfer the video onto the computer. Buy a camera with flash memory for easy transfer to a computer. even mini DV and DVD cameras which are quite popular come wi... Read More »

Question on the canon GL2 camcorder?

The "time/date generator" is information that is stored in the time code on the digital tape. One way to show the date stamp on the final project is to have the video editor show the time code data... Read More »

Camcorder quality question?

1080p/i has nothing to do with the quality its just the resolution (size of the video dimensions) Basically the more you pay the better the components are, such as the size of the sensor, to captur... Read More »

Camcorder tapes question?

only vhs-c tapes can be played with an adapter in a video recorder. Hi8 will need a special player (or buy a cheap hi-8 camcorder).