Camcorder Head Cleaner Query?

Answer Using a head cleaner tape will clean the heads on the camcorder. The record and playback heads are different parts in the tape drive mechanism.If the tapes you have were recorded by dirty record he... Read More »

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Query about using camcorder.?

The DCR-TRV285E is a Digital8 camcorder, so it doesn't use USB - it uses firewire. You need a firewire card in your PC and a firewire cable. The cards are cheap, easy to install and you can get t... Read More »

What is a print head cleaner?

A print head cleaner is a type of cartridge designed to clean the nozzles of an inkjet printer; it removes dry ink and helps facilitate ink flow. You may need to use a print head cleaner if your in... Read More »

Can you put an electrolux power head on another brand of vacuum cleaner?

As it is a cycle we can start it from anywhere The refrigeration cycle consists of four major parts. 1. Evaporator 2. Compressor 3. Condenser 4. Expansion valve/ Throttling device Lets start ... Read More »

How do you install the power head on a Kirby vacuum cleaner?

On the front, there is a square piece that twists. If you turn it 180 degrees you can take the front right off.