Camcorder - HDD vs DVD Vs Tape?

Answer HDD is probably better choice, because has the biggest advantage that is it record a lot of video without worry about running out, DVD and tape, you had to worry about running out time which can be... Read More »

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Camcorder Speacialist: What low cost camcorder can video tape in dim light?

Hi "September": The term "low cost" is a relative term. Low cost to Donald Trump or Mark Cuban might be a few thousand dollars. Camcorders run anywhere from $50-$50,000 USD (and more!). If you gi... Read More »

Best Tape using Camcorder?

The closest I can get you will not be anything you can buy new in a store...The Sony HDR-HC1, HC3, HC5, HC7 and HC9 meet all your requirements - miniDV tape based, capture standard definition DV or... Read More »

How do i get my vhs camcorder tape on to a cd?

I think you mean a DVD... I would only suggest taking it somewhere...Also, I think there are combo VHS/DVD/DVD-writables you can get, but that equipment could cost more than just getting one or two... Read More »

How to Fix a Camcorder Tape?

Many different video cameras record video footage onto some sort of tape. This ranges anywhere from older VHS cameras to Hi8 and MiniDV cameras. Although the tape is protected mostly within a plast... Read More »