Camcorder Editing Etc?

Answer You want miniDV. Period. It will drive you insane editing a DVD. Also, miniDVs have better quality. If you have windows movie maker or imovie, either one are easy to use for inexperienced users. Im... Read More »

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Editing video from camcorder?

You can use VideoSpin from pinnacle, have more features than Movie Maker, can handle a lot more file formats, is more user friendly and its free.

I want to edit video from my camcorder, what is the best format to use for editing..avi, mpg..etc?

Bit of a confusing question....convolute it is.You say "what is the best format use for editing ..avi, mpg..etc." then you say "So it can be played on different formats without compromising video q... Read More »

How would you hook a Mini DVD Camcorder into a computer for editing?

Try it this way Use a programme such as Ulead VideoStudio - you take the mini-disc out of your camcorder and put it into the DVD tray of your PC making sure it sits centrally in the little depressi... Read More »

What is a good camcorder for uploading to the internet and/or video editing?

you could check out the Sony HDR-FX1 it may suit your needs good luck