Camaro Rear Hatch Components?

Answer Several components makes up the parts of the rear hatch on a Chevrolet Camaro. These parts work together to allow the rear hatch to raise and lower, as well as to weather-proof the rear hatch. The ... Read More »

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How to Repair a Camaro Hatch Motor Fuse?

All of the fuses within the fuse panel on your Camaro at some point will have to be replaced. Other than natural wear and tear, a blown hatch motor fuse most often happens from a short circuit. Thi... Read More »

How to Remove Lifts on a Rear Hatch?

The rear hatch lifts on your vehicle -- commonly called hatch struts -- are responsible for both lifting and holding the rear hatch up. When these lifts go bad, the hatch can fall as you are search... Read More »

The Rear Hatch Won't Open on My Jeep Liberty?

If you have attempted to open the rear hatch on your Jeep Liberty by pulling up on the latch and it won't open, make sure the hatch is not locked by pressing the unlock button on your key fob. If t... Read More »

Town & Country Rear Hatch Won't Open?

The latch on the hatch of Chrysler Town & Country Minivans has been noted to stop working after repeated use. This means that the owner of the van is unable to open the hatch by lifting on the hand... Read More »