Calorie Guide for Healthy Skin?

Answer They say you are what you eat. While none of us wishes to be a tomato or a grape, we would all like have smooth, firm skin like they do. We can, however, get the healthy skin we all desire by eatin... Read More »

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Low calorie healthy Lunch ideas?

Option 1P B & J on whole wheat breadbottle water325 caloriesOption 22 oz pecansapplebottle water280 caloriesOption 31 cup black beans and 1/2 cup brown ricebottle water350 caloriesOption 42 oz pean... Read More »

Whats a really healthy, low-calorie dinner recipe?

How to Eat a Healthy High Calorie Diet Cheaply?

Eating a healthy high calorie diet is necessary for many sports especially ones based on strength, but what if you don't have the funds to do it? Protein powder is expensive.

Secret Skin Tips to keeping skin healthy?

1) Drink lots of water every day.2) Always remove your makeup before bed. (Every night that you don't, ages your skin an extra week or two).3) Stay out of the sun. 4) Use a good night cream on both... Read More »