Calling all vegetarians! What are all the not-so-obvious foods we cant eat?

Answer I was going to mention wine and also fruit pastilles and stuff.If you go to the below website, it's a page on the Vegetarian Society website and it lists 'stumbling blocks' which is basically foods... Read More »

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Calling all vegetarians! I need some dietary help please?

Don't be embarrassed! That's a severe problem that needed to be fixed and eating a few slices of meat in order to stop yourself from having a seizure is fine. Plus, you're not used to the unusual d... Read More »

Anyone know about healthy eating Calling all vegans/vegetarians/healthnuts!…?

Brown rice. I like Jasmine.Black beans. They are so full of protein.Soy milk. I have 2 servings per day for my calcium and vitamin D.Apples! They are full of fiber and taste great!Sprouts. Loo... Read More »

What to do when your parents love you other sibling more than you and it is very obvious. It may seem like i am exaggerating but it is very obvious and if you lived one day of my life u would agree?

You should consider Buddhism this religion is all about finding happiness and harmony inside of yourself.This sort of fights the negative feeling you have inside. If this does not work then talk... Read More »

Bbq foods for vegetarians?

Vegetable Kebabs with Oriental DressingThis recipe is dairy free, but a delicious variation is to add 225g/8oz Halloumi cheese, cut into chunks and threaded onto the skewers between the vegetables.... Read More »