Calling all computer experts!?

Answer Go to the game's website and see if it works with your version of Wndows.

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Calling all iPod experts....?

Easy :) But I don't know if it'll work.If you have iTunes, just create a new playlist, add all songs you want into that, then connect you Pod, bla bla bla, then go onto the music tab and playlists,... Read More »

For all the computer experts?

What could be wrong especially after a power outage:1. Power Supply2. Video Card3. CPU4. Motherboard5. RAMIn that order. If any of those specific items have been damaged due to a power outage, your... Read More »

Any computer experts out there?

I think you need to get into your BIOS - somewhwere in there you'll find the opton of Enabling/Disabling the onboard sound.I'd remove the audigy soundcard, disable the onboard sound in BIOS, shut t... Read More »

Computer experts- I need your opinion?

It depends on the person. I usually just leave it on all day, but then again I have another computer I keep off all day. There is no right and wrong when it comes to whether or not to leave the com... Read More »