Calling all camera buffs: Why is 35mm the standard size in digital professional photography...?

Answer The explanation is that in the beginning, technology could not produce a sensor to match the 36 x 24 mm frame size of a 35 mm camera, yet all the dSLR's were based upon the design (and in the begin... Read More »

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Will a 35mm professional grade digital camera produce images comparable in quality to those produced with a 8x10 Wisner Technical Field View Camera loaded with Ilford FP-4 Plus developed in PMK?

Comparable, Yes, but they have no hope of matching the detail using one exposure. Exposure to print would be so much simpler with the digital. Since 8x10 enlargers are not terribly common, a conta... Read More »

Which digital SLR camera should you buy for stock photography professional use?

On One Hand: Nikon is BestMore professional photographers rely on Nikon cameras with Nikkor lenses than any other brand. The top of the line Nikon Digital SLR is the D3X. A stock photo may sell to ... Read More »

My wife bought me a Canon T1i digital camera, my old camera is a Minolta 330 RZ 35mm film camera?

With a little information you can take GREAT pictures at your sons little league games.See the link below for info from Canon. They have a good website. Try looking at your owner's manual and other... Read More »

Is there any possibility to convert my old SLR Minolta 35mm film camera into a digital camera?

No there isn't although it isn't a new idea. The Kodak DCS420 used a digital back on a modified Nikon N90s in 1994.In 2003 Imacon partnered with Kodak and Leica to produce a digital back for use wi... Read More »