Caliper Removal on a '96 Aerostar?

Answer In the 1986 model year, Ford decided to take a shot at the minivan market with the release of the Aerostar. The Aerostar was unlike other minivans of its era, as Ford based it on the same platform ... Read More »

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Aerostar Oil Pan Removal?

As in many vans, SUVs and other large vehicles, removing the oil pan from your Ford Aerostar is a rather involved process. Besides having adequate tools for the job, you also need careful organizat... Read More »

Volvo 940 Brake Caliper Removal?

Removing the brake caliper from a Volvo 940 is a job that can be done in about a half hour. Occasionally, the brake caliper can wear out from usage or faulty parts, resulting in brake fluid leaking... Read More »

Saturn Ion Brake Caliper Removal?

While a standard brake job on your Saturn Ion typically only involves changing the brake pads, and on rare occasions the rotor, there may come a time when you have to swap out the entire brake cali... Read More »

1987 F-250 Caliper Removal Instructions?

The brake caliper on the 1987 Ford F-250 can occasionally become damaged or wear out, requiring that it be removed and replaced. The brake caliper is responsible for clamping the brake pads over th... Read More »