California State University to Community College?

Answer chances are the financial aid will not transfer. If he really wants to leave I personally would not stop him (even though it would tear me up inside, too). I attended com. college before entering... Read More »

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Can you go transfer from a community college to an out-of-state university?

Val - of course you can. But there are a few important caveats:1) Your school probably has relationships with some (or all) of your state's 4-year schools - assuring that all graduates of the commu... Read More »

What Courses Do I Take at a Community College Before Transferring to a University?

Community colleges offer lower division courses that typically transfer to four-year colleges or universities. Community colleges can help you prepare for a four-year college or university by offer... Read More »

College & University Courses in Community Organizing?

Community organizers play a vital role in civic problem-solving and social activism. They help communities to change the balance of power and achieve their goals through leadership development and ... Read More »

University Vs. Community College Accreditation Types?

When it comes to choosing a college, the topic of accreditation can play into the decision. Different accreditations can mean different things, depending on your chosen field of study (or lack ther... Read More »