California Overpayment of Salary Laws?

Answer When employers overpay their employees, state laws govern the remedies that employers may have for repayment or receiving reimbursement from their employees for the overpaid amount. The State of Ca... Read More »

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What are the rules or laws regarding homeowners with a pool and children are there laws that pool owners must abide by in California?

Answer Yes, there are many codes that govern swimming pools. Codes that dictate fencing, doors and windows to the pool area. Your local pool store can advise you via phone or if you prefer in pers... Read More »

Salary of a Dialysis PCT in California?

Dialysis patient care technicians earn their wages by tending to the needs of patients with failing kidneys. Dialysis patients require treatments about three times per week that last three to four ... Read More »

What is the average salary in California?

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), workers in California earned an average salary of $43,641 in 2008. This is higher than the 2008 national average of $40,208 as reported by the BE... Read More »

New York State Laws Concerning Salary Pay?

Under Section 195.1 of the New York State Labor Law, employers must give their employees written notice of their pay rates, pay days, place of pay and salary pay at the initial time of employment a... Read More »