California Minor in Possession Law?

Answer Under California law, it is illegal for a person under 21 to be in possession of an alcoholic drink that is not part of her employment or in the company of a responsible adult (such as her parents)... Read More »

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Vermont Laws Regarding Possession of Marijuana by a Minor?

Vermont considers marijuana for personal use (possession of less than 1 oz.) a misdemeanor. However, minors caught with small amounts of marijuana face additional penalties because of their age. Mi... Read More »

Can you be in USAF security forces with a minor in possession of alcohol?

The answer is simple and might suprise you, if the USAF will let you join with that charge then you can join Security Forces. The only hinderance for a minor that prevents you from joining Security... Read More »

Will a minor in possession of alcohol affect auto insurance rates?

if a minor is drinking alchohol so what dose it really matter ?? no it dose not just as long as thay dnt drink ova 8 bottles of a strate drink Of course auto insurance rates will increase if a min... Read More »

Do you lose your GI Bill if you get a Minor Misdemeanor drug possession charge?

Any criminal conviction can lead to loss of all or some of your Veteran's Benefits. It is a case by case, as discovered basis.