California Legal Rights and Laws for Marriage?

Answer California grants rights to all people who are legally married such as filing joint tax returns, making medical decisions for each other and inheriting property from each other upon death. For two ... Read More »

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California Civil Union Rights Vs. Marriage?

A civil union in California is called a domestic partnership and it is a legal union between two people recognized and governed at the state level. Marriage is a legal union recognized and governed... Read More »

California Justice of the Peace Marriage Laws?

A justice of the peace is judge who often has limited judicial duties, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The state of California's Family Code allows current and retired judges, includin... Read More »

Community Property Laws in California for a 10-Year Marriage?

Each state's family laws establish the property rights between divorcing spouses. In California, the legislature requires courts to follow the California Family Code when dividing property between ... Read More »

California Grandparents Adoption Rights & Laws?

California, like many other states, recognizes limited rights of grandparents and the relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren. In California, grandparents can seek custody of a mi... Read More »