California Laws on Water Softeners?

Answer To manage water problems in California, legislation was passed in 2009 that would allow local water districts within the state to decide whether or not to ban water softeners. California's salty wa... Read More »

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Are water softeners healthy?

Water softeners add certain compounds, usually sodium carbonate, to water to remove calcium and magnesium ions that harden inside fixtures and pipes. The amount of sodium present should not cause h... Read More »

How do I maintain water softeners?

Check for Salt BuildupExamine your water softener unit for salt buildup. Clean your brine tank with dishwashing detergent and warm water by pouring the solution into the brine tank. Rinse to remove... Read More »

Risks Associated With Water Softeners?

The Water Quality Association's website notes that 85 percent of the United States has hard water. The solution to this problem seems easy enough---just install water softeners throughout the count... Read More »

How much do water softeners cost?

In 2010 a water softener can range from about $450 to $12,000. The price depends on whether the water softener is timer controlled or water meter controlled. Many home improvement stores sell water... Read More »