California Laws Regarding Employee Benefits?

Answer In California, employers must comply with the federal U.S. Department of Labor regulations governing employment benefits in addition to the California Department of Industrial Relations' employment... Read More »

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Laws Regarding Editing Employee Time Cards in California?

Time clocks help employers monitor the time worked by employees. As long as the employee punches in and out appropriately, the process goes smoothly. California has set some state laws regarding ed... Read More »

California Law Regarding Salaried Employee Paid Time Off?

California law does not distinguish between paid time off and paid vacation in its labor laws for salaried employees, according to the California Department of Industrial Relations. If your employe... Read More »

What are the rules or laws regarding homeowners with a pool and children are there laws that pool owners must abide by in California?

Answer Yes, there are many codes that govern swimming pools. Codes that dictate fencing, doors and windows to the pool area. Your local pool store can advise you via phone or if you prefer in pers... Read More »

California Labor Laws Regarding Breaks & Mealtimes?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the federal Fair Labor Standards Act does not mandate break times or lunch breaks. However, the California Labor Code has created break and lunch rest per... Read More »