Calif 16 yr old left home alone?

Answer Sometimes but not a lot. The beach is owned by the government and they do not pay for lifeguards. In other words if the beach is not owned by a person or a company, it's every man for himself.

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What city is Kevin left home alone in at Christmas in home alone 2?

Can children be left home alone at age 11?

You can be 10-8 and then when you get your drivers license you can sit in the drivers seat.Beleive me I know cause I looked in the book of laws and then i came on this website and told you people.

How old should be left alone at home?

well it depends on the maturity of the child, I am responsible and I first stayed home alone around 12 years old

How long can you be left home alone at age 10?

My parents left me home alone at age 10 because they went somewhere (I forgot) and I missed them very much after they left me for 2 days. :DI am a tough girl you know...!! XD