Calif 16 yr old left home alone?

Answer Sometimes but not a lot. The beach is owned by the government and they do not pay for lifeguards. In other words if the beach is not owned by a person or a company, it's every man for himself.

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If a person won 55 million dollars in Calif lottry how would they actually take home?

You get around half if you want the payout. Then the federal government takes taxes out of that. You could be in the 20 million range, after taxes.

Home Depot hours , the one on Jefferson blvd. Los Angeles , Calif.?

Most NORMAL people would give them a call and ask them.

Is a relative obligated to make a 17-year old return home after they left home and the parent sent their clothes and belongings to the relative's home?

Answer Not if the parents of the minor have given she or he permission to live in your residence.You should be aware that allowing the minor to reside in your home makes you legally responsible fo... Read More »

In NJ if a home is left equally to two siblings and one wants it sold and the other has always lived there does the sibling living in the home have to see or buy it out?