Cake makers or people who can make cakes..?

Answer I usually use icing, only because I don't like marzipan or the taste! Marzipan is better at making shapes and figures. It's also what most professional bakers use! :)

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Why do cake shows like cake boss claim they make cakes when they use 50% fondant?

If you think Cake Boss uses a lot of fondant, try watching Ace of Cakes with Duff Goldman on the Food Network sometime. I don't really know why they use so much fondant, but my opinion is well, jus... Read More »

Are there cake pans that can make lots of cakes at once?

You can use a cupcake pan to make many small cakes at once. Many cupcake pans will make six or 12 individual cakes. A sheet cake pan will make the largest dimensional cake and feed the most people.... Read More »

Where can I buy cheaper cake boxes to put my cakes in?

A restaurant supply store is probably going to be the cheapest, if you have to buy a lot of them. Check with a local mom and pop restaurant (or even the bakery at the grocery store), and see who t... Read More »

Cake Decorating Tips for Writing on Cakes?

Buying a store-bought and decorated cake may seem like a simple task, but it can cost you more money than baking the cake at home. If you're going the homemade route, it is possible to decorate the... Read More »