Cake for my 18th birthday?

Answer As it's your 18th birthday why don't you plan something like fairy tale land in pink into a practical life as 18 signifies end of teenage and familiarization with the real world.or just a heart sha... Read More »

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Chocolate Cake Pineapple Cake Or Ice Cream Cake Which from this list do u like better for your Birthday?

Happy Birthday to your mum :DChocolate cake :DOne time I thought I would have this cake as my birthday cake. My big sister goes and takes a slice of the cake before my birthday arrives :O lol but s... Read More »

Which would you like more A Regular Birthday Cake Or An Ice Cream Birthday Cake?

Just plain cake with ice cream. I don't like icing or buttercream.

What Should I do for my 18th Birthday?

18th Birthday - what should i do?

today it's my 18th birthday too, (check my profile if you don't believe it) and neither do I celebrate birthday, my plan today is like this- right now am going to snooker with my friends... Read More »