Caffeine Addicted?

Answer the amount of chemicals in coke would make it worse for you (diet or regular)black coffee in moderation supposedly has some benefits (just like red wine in moderation is supposed to be good for you)

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Am I addicted to caffeine?

probably i heard you get headache if you really is addicted

When did you first figure out you were addicted to caffeine?

Many many moons ago ,,,Seems that I'm not myself,,, I'm a grump when I don't have my coffee,,,I'm pretty miserable without it ,,,I have my pot here at home and in the shop I have one on timer ,,,,A... Read More »

I'm 13, I'm addicted to caffeine and diet soda, I never drink water?

Sunkist is good but the truth is that you should dump this in favor of fruit juice and vegetable juice. They are very tasteful and I imagine you'll' like them more than water, which you should be d... Read More »

I get a terrible headache if I don't drink coffee in the morning. Am I addicted to caffeine?

Probably. Don't stop cold turkey. Wean off by cutting down gradually until you are drinking 1/2 decaf and 1/2 caffenated. Then on to decaf or tea. The withdrawl will be much less painful. Good ... Read More »