Cablevision turning off Basic cable to any tv without a Box?

Answer Are you in the Western Long Island area? From what I can determine, the date given (September 14th) is the start date that the changeover is going to happen and so it might be that it hasn't been ... Read More »

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TV keeps turning itself off Is it the TV or the Cable Box?

Oh yeah; get a plasma. These offers don't come around that often. :)

How can you get a better picture from cable on an hdtv without cable box?

On most cable company hookups you won't get HD without the HD converter box.

How to Connect HDTV to a Cable Box Without a HDMI Cable?

An HDTV can be connected to a cable box using an HDMI cable or component cables. An HDMI cable combines audio and video in a single cable, while component cables are constructed of three video cabl... Read More »

What is basic cable?

Basic cable is generally the lowest priced cable package available from your cable company. Basic cable usually includes around 40 channels, including your local networks, MTV, Comedy Central, Amer... Read More »