Cable for new house, what to use?

Answer Quad shield cable is the best to use for signal integrity.

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I have cable in other rooms of my house but i want to install it in my room but i dont have a cable outlet!?

I did this in my house: get a drill and drill a hole in your wall which has a room on the other side of it with cable. Then, attach a splitter to the cable in the other room, and attach a new cab... Read More »

Does the cable guy have to come to your house to turn off your digital cable?

Not in most markets. they just de-authorize your box.

Where might I find a 2.5 to 2.5 cable around my house?…Any electronics store.

Do It Yourself: Cable Wiring in the House?

Gone are the days when most homes had only one television. These days, TVs can be found in living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms and even kitchens. It's easy to connect TVs in any room to cable TV s... Read More »