CV Axle Replacement Instructions?

Answer Front-wheel drive vehicles use constant velocity (CV) axles to deliver power to the wheels. A CV axle has two sets of CV joints, called the inner and outer joints. Rubber boots cover each CV joint.... Read More »

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Ford Taurus Front Axle Replacement Help?

Replacing the front axle on your Ford Taurus requires the use of some special tools, like a hub remover or puller (if needed) and a torque wrench. Many auto parts stores have these tools available ... Read More »

Ford Focus Axle Removal Instructions?

The axle on a Ford Focus is a central shaft with two flexible joints on both ends for a wheel to rotate on. These joints, called CV joints, allow a rotating shaft to transmit power at a constant, r... Read More »

Dodge Caravan CV Joint Drive Axle Repair Instructions?

The Dodge Caravan has been a front-wheel drive minivan since its inception. Front-wheel drive vehicles all employ constant velocity (CV) drive axles that bridge the connection from the transmission... Read More »

S10 Fan Replacement Instructions?

The engine of the Chevrolet S10 can overheat if the fan is not working properly. The fan is a part of the radiator. Along with the fan, various parts of the radiator work together to prevent overhe... Read More »