CV Axle Boot Tools?

Answer If you are noticing a loud, metallic clicking noise coming from your wheels as you are turning or accelerating, then chances are that your CV joints need replacing. This can be a costly and timely ... Read More »

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What Is a Front Axle Boot?

A front axle boot, also known as a constant velocity (CV) boot, is a rubber cover that goes over the drive axle or CV joint on a car. The boot protects the joint and keeps grease used to lubricate ... Read More »

How to Change the Boot on the Axle of a Polaris 335?

The Polaris 335 is a popular brand of all terrain vehicle (ATV). The Polaris 335 features a four valve, four-stroke liquid cooled engine with an electric starter. It also features a fully independe... Read More »

OTC Axle Tools?

An axle is the central shaft that rotates a wheel or gear. It is one of the devices that are used to amplify force. OTC axle tools are mainly used in repairing axles. An axle is one of the most imp... Read More »

Dexter Axle Tools?

Established by Leonard Dexter in 1960, the Dexter Axle Company initiated business with the production of axles from a single plant in Eckhart, Indiana. Dexter Axle uses state-of-the-art robotics, p... Read More »