CUSTOM buildt VS alienWARE?

Answer 1. Yes2. it will read normal DVDs but only Blu-Ray if it is a Blu Ray player3. Yes 4. Yes5. Yes6. This PC is a good Gaming PC, however i would reccomend buying an aftermarket cpu cooler as the stoc... Read More »

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Is the alienware x51 3d?

Alienware x51 To My TV?

Lad, if your TV has a bad aspect ratio, then HDMI won't work. If you connect a VGA cable, then it should work. It only supports the right quality, not something beyond.

How to Troubleshoot Alienware?

Alienware computers are custom gaming computers that are made specifically for playing computer and online games. There are several problems you might encounter with your Alienware computer: your p... Read More »

Alienware x51 questions.?

Not much. It should be about 5 - 10 fps difference.