CS5 keeps crashing upon startup, confused on how to delete pref files?

Answer Okay, Here is the easiest method for resetting Photoshop's Preferences and settings...Press and hold down together the SHIFT, CTRL and ALT keys, then with these keys held down, start Photoshop.You... Read More »

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Graphics Card for my computer keeps crashing after startup, help?

Your GPU idle temps are way off. Idle temperatures for a GPU shouldn't go above 50C.If the fans have not stopped working, then I suspect the only possible problem is that the thermal paste connecti... Read More »

My pc keeps crashing on me?

What anti-Virus/SpyWare are you running? and have you run a scan recently?I can recommend some good free downloads for you.I am presuming it's virus related as you seem supprised that it crashing s... Read More »

My instagram keeps crashing!!!?

Firefox Keeps Crashing... :/ ...?

Registry cleaners are almost always scams. The "trusted" link above listing one of the cleaners is also a scam. These products do nothing but cause harm to your computer 9 times out of 10. An alter... Read More »