CPU problem help!!?

Answer sounds like the motherboard, ram or cpu has gone bad. Try resetting the motherboard by clearing cmos first. Unplug everything and removed the battery from the motherboard for a minute and replace i... Read More »

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I need help with youtube problem,can anyone help?


Wherever you cut a branch is where new growth will begin. You want to reduce the height over two to three years ideally. Cut some of the branches back one foot, some, two feet, some three feet, so ... Read More »

Help! Outfit Problem!!! Please Help!!!?

Hi :) if it's super hot tomorrow wear somethig light, it will stop you from getting any hotter! If you have any light coloured dresses wear one of those or any coloured dresses! They look cute and... Read More »

Please help me , i got a problem about interview at mcdonalds please please help help thx so much?

go back to the McDonald's and tell them one of the managers called you, you came in but she was not there. Can they please find out who contacted you. There should be only a few managers that are... Read More »