CPU making noises?

Answer Computers do that sometimes when programs keep running at the back which use CPU and Memory.Sometimes viruses and spyware programs also make your CPU Usage high.Follow this article and your compute... Read More »

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My stomach is always making noises.?

That happens to me a lot. It's embarrassing in class. Maybe you're hungry and don't realize it, maybe digestion problems, or maybe even just being gasey? I don't think it's anything to worry about.... Read More »

Why Is My Electrical Box Making Noises?

Electricity within our homes is an often-overlooked convenience we use on a constant basis that if not maintained can malfunction, causing serious damage and injuries. The electrical system within ... Read More »

Why is my computer making these noises?

You can save your files to a CD and then open the tower and check to see what is loose. Be sure to have the power off.