CPU making noises?

Answer Computers do that sometimes when programs keep running at the back which use CPU and Memory.Sometimes viruses and spyware programs also make your CPU Usage high.Follow this article and your compute... Read More »

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My Stomach Is Making Noises?

I hear it all the time, Its just food digesting.

Ear is making weird noises?

You could have water in your ear, or an ear infection, go to your doctor and have him/her check your ears

Tv making static noises?

maybe a bad audio cable or cold soldering joint on audio jacks .…on this picture there is a gap around prong so it is a loose connection.shake softly audio... Read More »

Why Is My Car Making Gurgling Noises?

Many moving parts and components work together to power a car's forward motion. Knowing some of the warning noises -- whether it is a whirling, gurgling, squealing or squeaking -- can help to quick... Read More »