COMPUTER ink jet PRINTERS- do they all fail after a year or so?

Answer Depend! The best choice are HP5 series.They can work for a long time and they are very easy to refill.

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I am a computer instructor, is it OK to fail half of my class because they dont comply on my software project?

Yes you can, but I think it would be more productive to figure out what went wrong and work on the source of the problem. Perhaps your assignment was too difficult or not explained properly. People... Read More »

What would cause a computer fail to load Windows after installing a Blu Ray reader?

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When two 17 year olds elope do they need parent permission from one parent for both of them or do they just need one parent permission Also after they elope are they free from their parents?

Even when your out of high school and going into or are in college your parents are responsible for your actions. The only way to be "free" from your parents is by getting emancipated. You need bot... Read More »

I have Malware on my computer and can not use F3 to debug my computer.What can I do when the f commands fail?

F3?F8 is the key you want. Continuously tap it after The PC posts and before the Windows Splash Screen. Then select, "Safe Mode" ("Safe Mode with Networking", will allow an internet connection, b... Read More »