CHillis, TGIF, Red Lobster, Olive Graden ?

Answer TGIF coolest hang out great way to meet people at the bar (nothing serious just chatting with cool folks)

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What is the best way to repair a graden hose?

The right way to fix a damaged garden hose is to cut out the damaged section and rejoin the good ends using a special coupler called a "hose mender"… htt... Read More »

Where can i get an affordable lobster dinner in the philadelphia area Not a tail - the whole lobster.?

There is a restaurant called Mel's in the bala cynwyd area. My good friends went there last night and said they had a special going on where you can get a FULL lobster for $25.00. They said it was ... Read More »

Where is the best place to get a good lobster meal in NJ or NYC besides Red Lobster?

I don't know much about New Jersey, but I can offer you some advice about NYC.I recommend Ed's Lobster Bar in SoHo (222 Lafayette Street). The place has a New England vibe, very different from wha... Read More »

I have ten lobster in a live well and i put an octopus in there and it inked.will the lobster be safe to eat?

why wouldn't they be? ink is used in many culinary sauces.