CHUNG SHI trainers.....has anyone tried these Are they any good?

Answer You'd never ever catch me in a pair of those mrsg...I'm a 4" heel girl and nothing else !! Apart from when I take my Beavers out and about and then it's just a good old pair of Reebox Classic Trai... Read More »

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"Smooth Away Pads". Has anyone tried these pads Are they worth buying?

I have to tell you that i saw this commercial this morning and I was intrigued. I decided against purchasing it because, like most As Seen On TV items, they're crap! BUT- I went with my daughter t... Read More »

Has anyone tried using the capsiplex slimming pills Do they work?

When I was real deep into bodybuilding, I used to take capsiplex on my cuts. It works well, if you are eating properly and exercising. According to: you have to... Read More »

Has anyone tried using those magnetic bracelets for arthritis pain Did they work?

Try "Theragesic*" It is wonderful for arthritis!I swear by it! I am 61 years old and it is the best thing going!

Has anyone tried the new Givenchy mascara Is it any good?

$27 bucks for mascara? For $27 bucks it should fetch your slippers!Why did Uncle Wayne star this question, do you think, he..........?(Shakes head) Nawwhhhhhhh!